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Equipment Service

Scuba diving equipment is a life support system. The air delivery system is responsible for providing you with air. It is extremely important to service your equipment annually as recommended by the manufacturers. Annual service will prevent problems from equipment failure on your vacation.
RMDC’s service technicians are certified by the scuba manufactures as a requirement for remaining an authorized dealer.

RMDC can service:
Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators, Spare air, Cylinders (Hydrostatic and Visual inspection), tumble and oxygen clean cylinders.
RMDC can pressure test computers and depth gauges in a pressure pot.
We can also replace batteries in computers.

Storage cleaning and inspection:
RMDC will clean and inspect your equipment with-in 6 months of completion of your annual service in preparation for storage. After inspecting your equipment we will recommend any required service or warranty needs.

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