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Enriched Air Nitrox

Have you ever dreamed of more bottom time to take photos or explore wrecks? Enriched Air Nitrox now brings this benefit to recreational divers. But Nitrox diving also requires more intensive preparation and planning. Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox provides two main benefits: increased bottom time using Nitrox tables and decreased risk of DCS when using recreational air diving tables.

SSI's teaching system simplifies learning to use Nitrox. Through the use of SSI's special tables, complex calculations and difficult formulas are eliminated. SSI's Enriched Air Nitrox course is ideal for the recreational diver who wants to Nitrox dive within the no-decompression limits.

In this class you will learn:

  • Physics and physiology of Nitrox
  • How to analyze Nitrox cylinders
  • Planning Nitrox dives
  • Using Nitrox dive computers
  • Managing exposure to nitrogen
  • 32 and 36 percent Nitrox (and other mixes)
  • O2 clean and O2 service rated equipment

Equipment Covered:

  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Nitrox Scuba Cylinders
  • Nitrox Regulators and Alternate Air Sources
  • Nitrox Dive Computers
  • Nitrox Dive Tables

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