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Deep Diving

Deep diving opens the door to many new exciting dive sites. These sites include deeper wrecks, reefs, and wall dives. People participate in deep diving for various reasons. However, most divers are interested in enhancing and improving their skill and confidence level while taking the deep diver course. Curiosity is ever present in humans. Most divers feel the need to explore and wonder what lies "beyond" - even if we do not have the desire to look ourselves. How many of us, while wall diving at 60 feet have not wondered what spectacular sites and hidden beauty lie below?

Deep Dive Training does more for Open Water Divers than satisfy curiosity. Those who have graduated from a deep diving course have found that their diving skills have greatly improved, especially their buoyancy control and breathing rate. They have also reported that their mental awareness of depth, direction, environment, remaining air and buddy system have improved. This course will teach you how to plan and execute a deep dive with a higher degree of comfort, by obtaining a better understanding of the factors involved in deep diving.

In this class you will learn:

  • Making an effective deep dive plan
  • Proper surface support
  • Using backup equipment
  • Enhancing your scuba skills for deep diving
  • Recognizing and handling hazards

Equipment Covered:

  • High-Performance Air Delivery Systems
  • Heavier-Lift Bouyancy Compensators
  • Warmer exposure suits
  • Dive Computers
  • Communication Equipment
  • Descent/Ascent Lines
  • Backup Cylinders

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